Thursday, November 5

The world

"The world needs you" said the shining soul. It was a moment to remember before the next step. And the next step is always the scary one, the confusing one, the one to think about before you take it towards the one you think off.. "A nice excuse indeed" is to be something else than what you are. That's why no one wants be believe to the other at first, second and third. "You must be kidding" becomes the scale of trustworthiness mixed with confusion, question and yet still a little bit smile deep down somewhere.. At the end, sex is less important than the kisses; kisses are forgotten in the shine of the eyes and at the end words remain: "a wonderful evening" to the shiny soul, an evening full of wonders; wonders like the summery northern lights, wonders like the birth of a child, wonders like a suprising excitement full of confusions and questions unknown from where, not known towards which direction.. Yet the wish is most important: a wonder-full evening!