Saturday, November 7

In & Un

Nightlines: Should we regret for the missed opportunities, unused chances and overseen possibilities? Or should we believe that in our pre-formed destiny with our decision power to bend, everything happening and un-happening should have a reason to be; possibly a pre-defined or after-thought one? Is it just a coincidence that we found ourselves doing things that we haven't done before and life presents us its surprises with coincidence looking similarities, unbelievable sounding compatibilities and unreal feeling personalities? Or is it just our mind of a dreamer that produces stories out of a common desktop wallpaper, a like in the Instagram photo or just out of a passing by smile with the short touch of an eye contact? If we can't separate the dreamer from the fact of reality, is it the "inexperience" to blame or just the effect of the drink in the square glass and maybe something more? Or is it just our willingness trying to drive us towards the direction of "what we are" because it is "what we see" in others? Shouldn't it be as simple as asking for a kiss to understand what is the real and what is the "else"? Or do we like to have complication to feel more important, more loved and more desired? If it is the desire and love what we are searching for in every corner of the dance floor, in every ice cooled glass or in every passionate habit we develop, shouldn't be as easy as looking to ourselves in the mirror to find what we are looking for? Or is it that we simply want to be safe and secure, unbroken and unhurt, un-lied and unnerved, in-disappointed and important? If so, don't we know already from our destined life experience, that the opposites are making the opposites more valuable? And at the end, why don't we just simply try and regret that we have done it if we fail; instead of regretting the unknown emptiness and inexperience when we never have done it? Daylines: :)