Monday, August 31

Sözlerimi geri alamam

Sözlerimi geri alamam, (I can't take back my words)
Yazdığımı yeniden yazamam, (I can't write again what I wrote)
Çaldığımı baştan çalamam, (I can't play again what I played)
Bir daha geri dönemem.. (I can't go back again..)
Akıyorsa göz yaşım kurumasın, (If it is my tears dripping, let them not dry)
Coşup seven gönlümse durmasın, (If it is my heart that is bubbling, let is not stop)
Dost bildik anılarım çağırmasın, (Let my friendly memories not call me back)
Bir daha geri dönemem.. (I can't go back again..)
Hiçbir kere hayat bayram olmadı ya da (The life has never been a festival or)
Her nefes alışımız bayramdı. (Every breath that we took was a festival)
Bir umuttur yaşatan insanı. (It is the hope that make the one live)
Aldım elime sazımı.. (I took my "guitar" to my hand..)
Yine aşınca çayın suyu boyunu, (Once the river goes over your height again)
Belki yeniden karşıma çıkacaksın. (Maybe you will come across me)
Göz göze durup bakınca göreceğiz, (When we stare to each other we will see)
Neyiz ve nerelerdeyiz.. (What we are and wherever we have been..)
Bilemiyoruz şimdi.. (We don't know now..)

Friday, August 28

Real value

The real value lies in courage; that you can stand up for what you believe, even if you know that you may never sit down to your position again.. The real value lies in honesty; that you can tell the truth, even if you know that you will not get what you want when you tell.. The real value lies in fairness; that you give everyone what they really deserve, even if you have to make yourself unliked.. The real value lies in openness; that you don't hesitate to speak out your mind, even if you know that you may get hurt.. The real value lies in decency; that you be someone proper, respected and appriciated, even if you know the people around you don't know to respect and appriciate.. The real value lies in every person; when they take off their clothes, masks, fears, egos, lies, plans and scenarios, after they put their heads to the pillow, right before they fall asleep.. The real value lies in being as "naked" as right before sleep, when you are with others and totally awake..

Thursday, August 20


Why to share it on Facebook, when I feel so hurt deep down in the soul? Is it a cry for help like a baby or a next generation expressionism? In a world of two faced people full of curiosity, tricks, tactics and cheats; why to bother trying to find trustworthy, valuable and good ones, while being a bad person himself once in a while? Is typing on a broken screen phone with a soul with all its doors open without any expectations balance the confusion towards life? Or not putting out the feelings on some shared text pictures makes them less readable and even less interesting? And who cares? Who cares about a foreigner with the lack of language on an independence day of a proud population? Who cares about someone typing some unnecessarily and maybe dangerously open words from his soul to a social media which he rejects? I reject the reality and replace it with my own.. It's just not as easy as it looks like to be there alone..