Wednesday, September 30

Dreamer II

"This is crazy!".. The dreamer started to think about it. There has been times when the dreamer was in the thoughts of "if it is worth of what he's doing". Or is it even just the things to be done that are worth to be done, the dreamer asked. Long thoughts like lying on the floor so long, even if it is cold and dirty.. "What's to follow then?" said the dreamer in holly quietness. Follow the disprovable instinctive thoughts or just to follow sense making, logic craving, mind driven paths? What's going to happen then to "what if"s; like what if "one morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that in bed he had been changed into a monstrous verminous bug." Will it be too late for Mr. Samsa or it will never be too late for Gregor to be what he might ever been.. Dreams, said the dreamer in a relaxed and unexciting voice, dreams are the best I do. So, for now and forth, yet but still, "thank you a million" for those dreams which are the only "only mine"s, madly and sadly nothing else..

Tuesday, September 29


The dreamer didn't know what to say. Two stars were shining there like the excitement of the dreamer was not enough to erase all the words, so, the time froze. Awkward moment would they call it, if necessary to call at all, but the smile was there too and took away the awkwardness slowly. Then the fog just continued as if that moment never happened. Before the dreamer could get awake, there was the moment again, just one-two simple words and that hand was disappearing from the scene slowly, the hand that touched the old fellow. So, the time froze. The dreamer didn't know what to say..

Friday, September 25

Good one

Good strategy of productivity includes dreaming, thinking, planning, assessing, modeling, prototyping, testing, applying, production and after support. And.. Good strategy of best possible work result lies in good planning, successful application and continuity of results without the dependency of the work producer. Aha! Nash claimed (let's be safe on proof): "The optimal outcome of a game is one where no player has an incentive to deviate from his or her chosen strategy after considering an opponent's choice. Overall, an individual can receive no incremental benefit from changing actions, assuming other players remain constant in their strategies." Well.. Meanwhile at the parallel universe the good guys Dunning and Kruger has theorized and practiced: "The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others. (Niisiis ebakompetentsete väär kalibreerumine tuleneb veast enda suhtes, samas kui kõrge kompetentsusega isikutel tuleneb väär kalibreerumine veast teiste suhtes)." Hmm.. On one hand Gandhi states a different path: "“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” But.. On the other hand, maybe, just maybe, it is time for the final countdown.. Or.. As she perfectly concluded: "Have a good one!"

Sunday, September 20


Something to note:

The power of suggestion in combination with the willingness to believe could make human beings do simply anything!


If you go to bed after a tiring day but you cannot close your eyes and fall sleep, If you want to listen to music so loud that you cannot hear your thoughts, If you don't want to answer your phone or you are nervous that it could ring, If you cannot tell what you had for breakfast or if you had at all, If you find yourself trying to run away from everything and everyone, If you scream inside your mind but you cannot hear your voice, If you believe that everything will fix itself in time, If you try to question every single thing without a reason, If you cannot totally trust to any single person, Then you have to ask yourself "what am I doing wrong?" .. If you cannot give an answer, then what you are doing is that "you are thinking too much!" .. Stop your thinking and start "do"ing something!

Friday, September 18


Question is "what's on your mind?".. Answer is "you, you all, this and everything else".. Wish is "I hope there is someone out there who can hear my inner voice, who can respond to that, who can get along with that, who would like to keep that".. Reality is "despite of the fact of it never being too late, time just goes by, as it has been before, as it always will".. Conclusion is "move on, this or that way but some way; or just wait for it but do not complain".. Question is "what's on your mind?".. Answer is "nothing"..

Thursday, September 17


"Home" is where and next to whom you feel "yourself".. So, ask yourself, when are "you" coming "home"? :)

Monday, September 14


Yet.. No matter what and how happens.. No matter if you are there where you wanted, or distances are closer than ever.. No matter if the dream has become real, or the real has become a dream.. No matter if there is hope left, or the hope is long dead.. Just to appriciate the moment that you had, at the end, life is beautiful..

Sunday, September 13


It's easy to let it go, Challenge is to keep it going.. It's easy to step careful, Challenge is to care.. It's easy to understand, Challenge is to make yourself understood.. It's easy to get interested, Challenge is to keep it interesting.. It's easy to fall in love, Challenge is to be the one to beloved.. It's easy to be, Challenge is to become..

Saturday, September 12


When you are curious, they say not to ask too many questions.. When you are silent, they ask if something is wrong.. When you are open and direct, they tell you to keep it private.. When you step carefully, they warn you that you will miss it.. When you express as it is, they criticize you as an offender.. When you step back, they see you as a coward.. When you want to try, they warn you to be careful.. When you want to discover, they show you the limits.. When you stay in the circle, they bring up what you miss.. When you don't do nothing, they call you shy and low.. When you go for it, They tell you to be slow.. 

Friday, September 11


Things that you really want from the heart does not happen..
The feelings that you really feel right does not correspond..
The moment that you think you had may not be that moment..
The dream takes over the reality and it does not taste so sweet..
You feel like you have done the right move,
But sometimes,
It does not result at the time you expected it..
Even if you believe that it's never too late,
It makes you feel like, you lost it and it is gone..
 It really goes away,
Yet sometimes,
It comes back when you never expect it..
The feeling of loss makes it; yet sometimes,
The unexpected makes the life interesting..

Thursday, September 10

Half of the way

In the country I am originating from (not mine, never felt a real part of it), there is this known poem starting with "age 35, half of the way".. According to this at 23:15 on 09.09.2015 I have spent already one year from the second half of my life.. I do not want to make any poets sad with my plans of living up to my 104, or with my inner child who stopped growing after the age of 16, but I would like to appreciate all the efforts of everyone who tried their best to make me feel like a grandpa today!! I wish the good, the better and the best for all who has good in their heart, youth in their soul, passion in their mind and endless hope in their eyes..

Sunday, September 6

Simple kiss

It's a call that you hope for, It's a message that you wait for, It's a program that you want to get rid of, It's an entry that you wish to read to, It's an email that you are impatient about, It's a paragraph that you would like to quote of.. And then, after all, It's just a smile that makes you forget all of these, It's just a look of an eye that puts you to dreams, And, It's just a simple kiss that changes everything you look for..