Sunday, October 25


The beauty is when the sun breaks up with the trees and everywhere is covered with their tears. Then the winter comes and cheers them up with lots of marshmallows..

Sunday, October 18

Boring poet

Life is a long way as every boring poet likes to say.. You learn, you grow, you step forward and you move.. You fall down, you look up, you try, you cry.. Sometimes, after something really big, you find yourself walking next to the beach with your best friend.. Pitty is that your best friend is your only friend; and then you realize that you are actually walking alone, as the boring poet like to say..

Tuesday, October 13


"Goodness" is like the water trying to find its way through the stones.. It eventually finds its way out of all the bad and ugly.. And sometimes it just pops up out of nowhere and makes you smile in your heart as never before..

Monday, October 12

Not me

Some have smiled, although they were not happy,
Some have cried, although they were not sad..
Some have made hearts, although they didn't have any,
Some have lied, although they weren't bad..
They told me to do, because I could,
They wanted me to understand, because I would..
Some said a word,
Some spared a sentence,
Some looked away,
Some stared silently..
Some spoke too much,
Some told too less,
Some didn't open at all,
Some confessed..
They have been,
They are,
They will be..
Not me..

Monday, October 5

Dreamer III

Will it ever be different, thought the dreamer. Not with the big expectation to have all dreams to come true, although this would be "priceless".. Just some couple of times, some of them, some of those; no, no, just even one of those would be different.. Or maybe the dreamer has "to force to get a reply" from them, those or the one, if any.. "ha ha".. "All the best" said the red, one would be even enough, all would be "crazy". But the silent stayed silent today as well.. Tomorrow will be another one of those.. Nothing special.. Nothing and special.. "Word porn" is what the red likes, "wortsalad" was in the highschool, no porn yet.. But the big one only speaks of it, one word, one for all.. Those makes the dreamer tired, not the facts but those, who don't even know themselves.. But while "who will be the king of kings" is the question of these days, the one question still remains: Who is the queen? Yet, the answer shall be "priceless"..

Friday, October 2


One day, I so much wish, that somebody, anybody, any living human being, surprises me, destroys my intelligence and does something that I couldn't foresee, that I couldn't guess, that I couldn't imagine, that positively makes a difference, that would prove that not everyone, not every single person is boringly "the same"! pff.. never mind..