Saturday, September 10

Mr. Frodo Baggins

"Life" is an interesting stage, Mr. Frodo Baggins:

When the actions, that people call magic, become a part of the daily routine; and when the stands, that looks like incredible, become a usual of "here and now", it leaves a small space for excitement that is in fact so big, that nothing and no one seem to be able to fill it in..

And then, yet again, the "play" surprises you with the next act, when the curtain opens slowly: An elegant flow with the light as bright as the sunshine starts to roll. Even when the eyes get used to the bright shine, the act on the stage remains excitingly beautiful..

"Life" is an interesting stage, Mr. Frodo Baggins:

The next act is about to begin. Please don't forget to turn off your mobiles. Because it will be one of a kind of a play..

Saturday, July 9

Everyday of life

It is like the everyday of life,
Every single walk to be taken,
The eye opening curiosity,
The ticklish feeling of willingness,
The anxiety of the next step,...
The warm excitement of the unknown,
Along the chilly fear of the "what if"..
As simple and small
As the baby cat on the water lily pad,
As big as the world around;
It is like the every day of life,
Every single walk to be taken..

Friday, May 20

Far away

Uzaklarda gözlerin,
Ama o bildiğin uzaklardan değil,
Alıp da başını bir trenin vagonuna atlayıp,
Hani pervasızca herşeyi bir kenara bırakıp,
Öylece gidebileceğin..

Uzaklarda ellerin,
Ama o bildiğin uzaklardan değil,
Özledikçe hıçkıra hıçkıra ağlaya,
Ağlaya gözlerini şişireceğin,
Ve sonunda yine de gülümseyip,
Hani ukalaca “o da öyle bir zamandı,
Öylece geldi geçti” diyebileceğin..

Uzaklarımdasın sen benim,
Ama o bildiğin uzaklardan değil,
İçine düştükçe kavuşmak arzusu,
Yollara vurup adımlarını,
Hani hiç yaşanmamışcasına dönebileceğin;
Gözlerin kadar yakın olsa da gözlerim..


Far away are your eyes,
But not the far away that you know,
Where you could just jump to a train wagon from,
Leaving everything aside carelessly,
Just to go like that..

Far away are your hands,
But not the far away you know,
Where you would cry missing,
Would cry out your eyes,
And at the end still would smile,
Would arrogantly say "it was just a time like that,
Just came and gone"..

Far away are you from me,
But not the far away that you know,
Whenever the desire of return falls in,
Where you could put down your steps,
To return as if hasn't ever happened;
Even if your eyes would be as close as to mine..

Friday, March 18



And the time comes when you drive yourself away from everything and everyone along the friendship of your dashboard lights.. Norah Jones tries to convince you with her soft voice touching your ears intimately..

You don't give up driving away; yet, it is not the only thing you don't give up on; everything and everyone that you carry within your thoughts too; within you, intimately..