Monday, October 5

Dreamer III

Will it ever be different, thought the dreamer. Not with the big expectation to have all dreams to come true, although this would be "priceless".. Just some couple of times, some of them, some of those; no, no, just even one of those would be different.. Or maybe the dreamer has "to force to get a reply" from them, those or the one, if any.. "ha ha".. "All the best" said the red, one would be even enough, all would be "crazy". But the silent stayed silent today as well.. Tomorrow will be another one of those.. Nothing special.. Nothing and special.. "Word porn" is what the red likes, "wortsalad" was in the highschool, no porn yet.. But the big one only speaks of it, one word, one for all.. Those makes the dreamer tired, not the facts but those, who don't even know themselves.. But while "who will be the king of kings" is the question of these days, the one question still remains: Who is the queen? Yet, the answer shall be "priceless"..