Thursday, August 20


Why to share it on Facebook, when I feel so hurt deep down in the soul? Is it a cry for help like a baby or a next generation expressionism? In a world of two faced people full of curiosity, tricks, tactics and cheats; why to bother trying to find trustworthy, valuable and good ones, while being a bad person himself once in a while? Is typing on a broken screen phone with a soul with all its doors open without any expectations balance the confusion towards life? Or not putting out the feelings on some shared text pictures makes them less readable and even less interesting? And who cares? Who cares about a foreigner with the lack of language on an independence day of a proud population? Who cares about someone typing some unnecessarily and maybe dangerously open words from his soul to a social media which he rejects? I reject the reality and replace it with my own.. It's just not as easy as it looks like to be there alone..