Tuesday, December 15


Noon lines: Time is an illusive material that we love to play with thinking that when we "make" it strong enough, it will be the run away door in our difficulties.. Like everything else we "make" strong and powerful in our existence, it is the time that we put into the most precious corner of our lives and hide ourselves beneath. It is the time that we arrange our things according to, it is the time that creates our plans. It is the time that we allow our emotions to grow up; it is yet still the time that we let our feelings to change in. We are leaning ourselves to the foggy existence of time with the hope that everything will be fine if we wait enough, everything will be good, everything will be just the way they "suppose to be". We give even the responsibility to time to repair wounds, to make us get mature, to get more success, happiness and health. We celebrate with the time that we give different names to; we shake hands, we hug, we smile, we laugh, we cry. We define "specialties" in it, we put "valuables" on it, we hide "secrets" under it. Despite of the dear quote of Albert, it is our favorite habit to let ourselves to the flow of time and wait for things to happen. Time is our hero, time is our knight; time is our day and night.. Time is an illusive material that we think we love to play with; yet, at the end, we are its play toys with our beloved pride and prejudice..