Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Is it?

One said "a relaxation, just not to worry about things, go to inside yourself, guide yourself to the path inside you". What if one can't let anything go? (look: finifugal) Isn't the pathway too crowded then? Too hard to walk through? What if all opposites are in there at the very same time? (look: ambivalence) Evening thoughts: Does love exist? Or is it just a satisfaction of couple of minutes and disappears afterwards? Is it a connection, a bound or just a pathway to follow? Is it "Nicht einander in die Augen schauen, sondern in die selbe Richtung blicken." or is it just a common sense of logic of compatible life puzzling? Is it a cheap word we spare for everything or everyone, or is it a feeling that we share? Does one share love? Or is it selfish happiness reasoned to the other one? Or even better: "a ambition, attraction towards and appreciation of the pure intelligence"? One asked "what is the definition of love?" Morning thoughts: Love should be as strong and as fragile.. strong, because it has to overcome anything; fragile, because both sides will feel that they have to take care of it and protect it all the time.. One said: "Love is freedom!" Is it?

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